Your Laddr provides a unique opportunity for competition entrants to win the ultimate prize, their own house and a car. Your Laddr is a competition and does not operate as a lottery or a raffle. We aim to provide the best service to our entrants and wish you all the best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enter/where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can only be purchased online on the Your Laddr website. To play select the house you want to play for, enter how many tickets you want to purchase. Proceed to entering your details and play a game of spot the ball per entry.

How many tickets I can buy?

There is currently a limit of 150 tickets per customer per house. We advise our entrants to be responsible when buying tickets and never buy more entries than you can afford.

Will I pay Stamp Duty?

No. We will pay all stamp duty charges.

When will the draw take place?

The draw will take place 7 days after the close of the competition. If Your Laddr Limited sell enough tickets prior to close we will bring the draw date forwards accordingly.

Why do I need to play Spot the Ball?

It is a legal requirement that we provide an element of skill in the competition. We operate as a skills based competition not a lottery, therefore it is important that the game is categorically based on the skill of the entrants versus the skill of the cricketing professional (the judge). Spot the ball allows you to use your skill and judgement to choose where you think the centre of the ball should be. This is how we determine our winner. 

How is the winner decided?

The judge will determine where he thinks the ball should be. Whoever has selected their coordinates at the centre of where the judges ball is, will be deemed the winner. This process will be filmed and put on our website. 

Why do you not select the centre of the cricket ball as per the original photo?

By selecting our own centre, it means that the position cannot be found on the internet.

What if more than one entrant selects the same location?

In the event of a tie in the spot the ball challenge, the tying winners will be entered into a second round of a spot the ball game to determine the winner. The judging process will be repeated and the winner (the entrant closest to the judges location) will win the grand prize of the house and car. The runners up will share £10,000 equally amongst all runners up (if there is only one runner up then he/she will win the total of £10,000).

Will I get a receipt for my purchase?

Yes, you will be emailed your tickets. Your tickets will also be available to view in your account.

What will happen if you don’t sell enough tickets?

Should we not achieve the target number of ticket sales by the close of competition date, we will offer the cash pot as a prize – more details can be viewed in our Terms and Conditions.

What happens if you sell too many tickets?

We cap the number of tickets for each competition, this allows for better odds of winning.

How will I be notified if I have won?

We will contact you using the details you provide when entering the competition. Please see clause 21 & 22 of the terms and conditions for more information.

How will ownership of the property be transferred to the winner?

The winner will instruct a solicitor to act on their behalf to proceed with the transfer of the property. Our lawyers will be in contact with your solicitors and we will cover all fees.

What should I do with the property if I win?

Firstly celebrate. You will own the property so it entirely up to you if you want to live in it or rent it out.

What fees do you charge to sellers?

We do not charge any fee’s to sell your house. You also will not have to pay for any legal fees or estate agent fees.

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